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Frequently Asked Questions

?What is XCHANGED?
?How do you use XCHANGED?
?How long will it take for my account to get processed after signing up?
?What are the convenient ways to Fund Account?
?What might affect the speed of sending money to the Philippines?
?What is account information and where can I see it?
?How many beneficiaries can I add?
?How to make my account secure?
?Is there a limit to how much I can remit?
?What are the valid ID list for beneficiaries/recipients in the Philippines picking up cash thru our payout partners?
?What are pending items?
?Why do I need to enroll a beneficiary to a remitter?
?What can I see in transaction history?
?Can I pay bills in the Philippines using Xchanged?
?Does Xchanged offer door to door service to send money to the Philippines?
?Can I cancel a remittance order?
?Can I withdraw money from my Xchanged e-wallet?
?When will beneficiaries/recipients receive my remittance order?
?Can I track my remittances?
?What is the lead time on funding my e-wallet?
?How can I request amendment or cancellation on a transaction?
?Is there a fee to cancel or amend a transaction?
?What transactions can I cancel or amend?
?How do I delete my account?

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